A Lucern Hammer Engraved With The Crest Of Aramril
Level: 35
Main Hand/Off Hand/Either: Both
Weight: 16.0
Material: Steel
Weapon Type: Polearm
Damage: 2d16 (average 17)
Affects hp: 10
Affects mp: -
Affects moves: -
Affects saves: -
Affects hit roll: -1
Affects dam roll: 1
Affects stats: -
Affects vuln/res: negative +1
Alignment Good or Neutral
Flags: two-handed
Area: The Tower of Aramril
Mob: the gate guard
Vendor Price: Unknown

Notes: An obvious contrast to the traditional lucern hammer, the decreased weight and supplementary modifiers make this weapon ideal for a low-strength, non-evil earth templar. Given the nature of the modifiers, this seems particularly well-suited to ch'taren. The slightly lower base damage compared to the traditional lucern hammer is noted, but the range difference (4-36 vs 2-32) is not terribly substantial and far outweighed by its other properties.

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